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5 Tips to Efficient Employee Vacation and Leave Tracking

Tracking vacation and employee leaves can be a supervisor’s worst nightmare. Imagine having to monitor the attendance of several people in addition to a long list of other managerial duties. The good news is that there are many ways to make leave scheduling and monitoring easier, faster and less stressful. Keep in mind that these […]

Survey Says: Companies tend to Insource Leave Management

According to the 2012 survey by Disability Management Employer Coalition, the majority of companies manage their own leave management internally, rather than outsourcing it. Leave management encompasses all of the time and attendance for each of the company employees – vacation time, sick time, personal days or days part of the Family Medical Leave Act. […]

How to avoid employee vacation tracking nightmares

Spring is here and folks just need to break out of a long winter hibernation. Summer is coming soon and well we have to take the long promised family vacation. Or perhaps its July 4th and we need to spend time with distant relatives reminisce about how things were different. The point is different times […]

3 simple tips for achieving vacation tracking

When the rights of employees to take vacations and leaves of absence collide with your organizations right to exist and have adequate employees to perform vital functions, you can end up with a serious conundrum. We are all about work/life balance but you will agree that what you don’t measure or track, does not get […]

Capture previous leave dates

Here’s another conundrum HR faces. So an employee took off before you got a chance to implement CaptureLeave. How can you go about capturing the previous leave session? It is important to have all your vacation tracking organized in a singe area or system where you can easily access reports and documentation. It can be […]

Hourly Leave Tracking and Custom Vacation Types

We all have had the question, “can I take off 3 hours to see the dentist?” You can with CaptureLeave. Perhaps your organization has its own leave types you want to capture? CaptureLeave does that too. Check out some new features we can announce in leave management and vacation tracking system.

Do we need more vacation time?

American’s are notorious for not taking enough vacation time. Check out the French (37 days off), the Germans (35 days off), the Brazilian (34 days off) and many in the industrialized world. So why are we so anti-vacation? Is it job security issues? Is it blind machismo? Surely we are not any more laden with […]

Vacation Policy & Pay: Four Important Questions

Re-published from Personnel Policy Service, Inc. Q1:       Do we have to provide paid vacation to our employees?  What do most companies do? A1:       No, paid vacations are not required by law, but nearly all organizations give their employees a period of paid vacation each year.  In fact, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2011 […]

Why CaptureLeave?

So you are probably wondering what is the big deal with capturing and processing leave requests. How hard can it be? You have an excel template and have been doing this the same way for over 18 years right? Think! How much time do you spend tracking down who is out, for how long? How […]